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Your Porsche is a performance driving masterpiece, and now you want to try it out in a race? Remember, please get your Porsche well prepared.

At Porsche, racing is both a defining passion and a means of developing new technologies and designs. The knowledge acquired en route to more than 23,000 victories over the past 50 years is reflected in every Porsche. Which in turn inspires many of our customers to test their Porsche on the racetrack.

To help you prepare your car for competition use, we’ve developed the Porsche Race Check programme. Available from your Porsche Centre, this comprehensive service offers specialist pre- and post-race inspections at highly attractive fixed rates. The resulting benefits include maximum mechanical reliability under full race conditions, plus maxium peace of mind on the road.

Pre-Race Check: In the world of racing, perfect preparation is crucial to success.

After-Race Check: This post-race package provides the peace of mind required before returning your Porsche to the road.

Complete Race Check: This package combines the Pre-Race Check and After-Race Check to ensure maximum protection for you and your Porsche.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll find there’s more to Porsche racing than simply powerful engineering – there’s also the exceptional standard of service you can expect from your Porsche Centre.
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Fresh air and a pleasant temperature makes your drive even more enjoyable.

In your Porsche, everything should be exactly as you expect. Including the climate.

In each Porsche, everything is set up for the driver, to ensure maximum safety and maximum enjoyment. This is also true of the air-conditioning (AC) system. It provides fresh air, a pleasant temperature and keeps your windscreen free from mist. It also filters out pollen, dust, odour and exhaust fumes from the outside air. 

Regular checking of the air conditioning system ensures that it will continue to work perfectly and provide optimum cooling, every day for many years. So that you continue to get what you expect from your Porsche: maximum performance. 
We recommend a Porsche air-conditioning system check in the spring before the warm weather begins, or before you set off on long holiday trips. 
Also, obtaining an official record of an air conditioning system check by your Porsche Centre may help to secure a higher resale value when the time arrives.

A high performance sportscar deserves a high performance service: Porsche Service.

The Porsche air-conditioning system check is an inspection and function test of all relevant air conditioning system components. If necessary, an additional leak test may be carried out on the refrigerant circuit. The quantity of refrigerant is checked and topped up, if required, to the level specified by Porsche. 
Additional services, replacement of the pollen filter, cleaning and repair of the system are only carried out if necessary. In the event of repair, naturally only Porsche Genuine parts are used which carry a two-year warranty. 
The check is always performed by highly-qualified, fully-trained staff. We apply the same principle to our air conditioning service tools and equipment as to our vehicles: using the latest technology.

Just like a pitstop. Maximum service in minimum time.

The Porsche air-conditioning system check can be carried out either separately or, to save time, as part of a service or vehicle upgrade. 
You shouldn’t lose any time in having a check carried out if your car has any of the following symptoms: poor cooling performance, excessive noise, frequent excessive misting up or odour development.

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Seasonal Checks

You can expect certain things of a Porsche. That you will enjoy its technical performance every day of the year. Or that it will give you confidence to enjoy safe driving even when the weather is really against you.

The Seasonal Checks carried out on your car at your Porsche Centre will ensure that your driving pleasure is maintained for 365 days a year. Using a defined checklist specifically tailored to meet the needs of the coming months, we will give your Porsche a thorough check to prepare it perfectly for the upcoming season – all performed to the highest standards and according to your individual wishes. 
We will be happy to get your feedback and suggestions of our service.

Holiday Check

Holiday at last - the cases are packed and you are about to set off on your dream trip in your Porsche. 
The Holiday Check is our way of helping with your holiday preparations. We will perform a basic check of all electrical and mechanical functions which are particularly important on a long journey, such as the air conditioning. To guarantee the all-round safety of your Porsche, we also check the alarm system and the immobiliser as well as the tool kit and safety equipment.

Winter Check

Our Winter Check is designed to ensure that your Porsche is fully prepared for the colder months of the year. On the basis of our defined checklist, we will carefully check the vehicle and comprehensively prepare it to endure the inclement weather. If you wish, we can also replace the hardtop of your Cabriolet and give your Porsche a thorough clean – for unremitting driving pleasure whatever the weather.

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